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     What is this email virus scan?

     The email virus scan system automatically scans all incoming and outgoing email messages for viruses. Once a virus is detected, we stop the email before it reaches you. If a virus is found, both the sender and recipient of the email will be notified about the virus.

     If you receive notification about an email sent to you that was stopped, that means we stopped the virus before it got into your computer.  There is no need to worry about other emails, because they have all been scanned and are safe to read!

     If you have a virus, we recommend using a virus scanning program such as McAfee to remove it from your PC.

   We are happy to protect our subscribers from email viruses.  This service is just another way that NFDC strives to provide superior facilities at resonable prices! Take a look at our email stats!

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NFDC scans all incoming and outgoing email messages for virus infections!
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