What’s this tiered pricing all about?

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Why does NFDC have such an unconventional pricing plan?

NFDC used to be one of those $19.95 “all you can eat” service providers. Almost every day one of our subscribers would ask, “Don’t you have anything cheaper?  We only use the internet for e-mail and a little surfing.”

So, in 1997, we sat down with our online history data and our cost analysis data. After some number crunching we discovered that if everyone paid for the time that they actually used on the internet, we could lower the price for the vast majority of our subscribers.

And so, our tiered pricing plan was born!

We were afraid that the change from unlimited access to “pay as you go” pricing would unduly alarm our subscribers, though.  The last thing that we wanted was to cause folks to be staring at the clock the whole time that they were using our service. So, at the same time that we changed our pricing we provided tools that our subscribers can use to monitor their monthly online usage. We update that information every morning around 10 am.  If at the end of the month a subscriber finds that they have overrun their subscription plan, all they have to do is use another one of our online tools to change their plan to accommodate their usage.

Our easy to use online tools help to insure that no one is ever surprised by a bill from NFDC!

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