So you liked the old way NFDC handled spam?

As many of you are aware, for years NFDC Internet Connection has taken an active stance with regard to blocking junk email (SPAM.) However, in the past several months the volume of SPAM messages has increased to the point that our in-house blocking methods have become ineffective. This ineffectiveness related to 3 important areas:

1 - Too many innocent messages were getting blocked.
2 - Too many SPAM messages were getting through unchecked.
3 - Subscribers had no control over the way their email was treated.

Our old system of handling spam had a flaw.  It was occasionally blocking email that was not spam, causing the email to never be delivered to the recipient. So, we came up with this new spam service.

Handling SPAM SUSPECT email the new has two important benefits:

1 - If the scanner is incorrect, your original email is still available in an unaltered form.
2 - You can scan through your inbox without fear of graphically offensive material.

You can tailor the SPAM scanning system to better suit your needs. You can change several of the parameters that control whether or not a message is marked as a SPAM SUSPECT. You can change these parameters at: On this page you can raise or lower the cut-off number that is checked against an email message "hit" value. If you raise the number, fewer email messages will be marked as SPAM SUSPECT. If you lower the number more email messages will be flagged. You can add email addresses to a "whitelist" so that email arriving from these addresses will never be marked as SPAM. You can also add email addresses to a "blacklist" so that email arriving from those addresses will always be marked as SPAM. There are other general controls that may be changed as well.

At NFDC, we only block spam email if you tell us to.  Instead, we mark spam suspected email so you can easily determine if it is a real message or not.  If you are having trouble opening the spam suspect attachments, visit this FAQ.

If you want to know just how many spam messages are processed each day, visit this page.  The “Local Spam Control” is our new spam stopping service.  The number represented next to it is the number of email messages marked as spam suspects per day.


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