So you want to stop the email scanner from marking your friends email as spam?

NFDC Internet Connection employs SPAM detection utilities to cut down on the amount of junk email that you receive. If you are receiving email with *****SPAM*SUSPECT***** in the subject then one of our utilities has scanned your email and determined that this email is probably SPAM.

On occasion, real messages may get marked as spam suspects because they contain certain keywords found in most spam messages.  But, it might just be your friend emailing you the latest adult joke that they found.  If you are having trouble opening spam suspect attachments, visit this FAQ.

To stop real email messages from being marked as spam, you need to add that email address into your Whitelist.  A Whitelist is just a fancy term to “ALLOW” any messages through from a certain email address. So if you wanted to mark all messages (regardless) from, then you would add a filter for to your Whitelist.

But, where is my Whitelist?

By following this step by step tutorial, you will be shown the steps to locate and add an email address to your whitelist.  It is really simple, all you need to know is your email address and password. If you know that, then you’re halfway done!  If you forgot your email address or password, please give us a call at 227-9191 or 428-3393.

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