How do I delete spam suspect emails before I receive them in my email client?

NFDC Internet Connection employs SPAM detection utilities to cut down on the amount of junk email that you receive. If you are receiving email with *****SPAM*SUSPECT***** in the subject then one of our utilities has scanned your email and determined that this email is probably SPAM.

Deleting email right away is not recommended.  It is a good idea to first move spam into a separate folder so you can verify no “real” emails are being determined as spam. 

Please continue with this F.A.Q. only if you are sure you want to delete spam suspect emails. When you enable the option to delete all spam suspect emails, you will stop receiving (and stop downloading) all spam suspect emails.  That means they will not be copied into a spam folder, they will not be delivered to your Inbox.  Most importantly, they will not show up in your email at all - ever.

Ready to continue? The next step simply will ask for your email name and password.  Then you will be marked to have all spam email deleted before it gets to you. If you are ready, click here.

If you want to turn on the option to flag spam suspect email and deliver it to your email account, then visit this page.

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