Help!  Iím having problems double clicking my mouse.

Double Clicking is an acquired skill, so donít get frustrated if you are having problems double clicking your mouse.  Instead of throwing the mouse to the ground, try this simple trick.

First, find the icon or link you want to double click. Then take your mouse and attempt to double click on the icon.  If nothing happens, you will notice that the iconís color looks distorted.  This means that it is highlighted. Simply hit your Enter or Return key on your keyboard and your computer will automatically double click that icon for you!

Below is an example of highlighted, or distorted looking icons.  This means that they are ready to be selected when you hit your enter key!

Pressing Enter on the Highlighted Icon will open up the folder just as a double click would.

Pressing Enter on your Local Disk (C:) will open up your hard drive, just as a double click would.

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